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Xooang Choi - Sculpture - The GROUND Magazine

Xooang Choi – Sculpture

By On June 28, 2012 In Editorial Submissions

© Choi Xooang

Born in 1975 in Seoul, Korea,  Xooang Choi has a BFA and an MFA from Seoul National University -  College of Art, Sculpture Department.  In his latest body of work entitled  “Islets of Aspergers” Xooang sculpts concrete bodies to convey a “state of impairment in social interactions”.

“Choi visualizes the properties of each individual through one spreading rumor, one who has a huge head too heavy to stand up, one who begs for money with huge hands, one who has an extraordinary sense of smell, and one who has huge feet. In this series, Choi employs a partly hyper-realistic technique as well as other methods of exaggeration, abbreviation, and modification, using his own formative language.”  (Ki Hye-kyung, Curator of National Museum of Contemporary Art, Korea)

For more information, visit DOOSAN Gallery.

© Choi Xooang

© Choi XooanG

© Choi Xooang

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