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Meeting a celebrity is not easy and most of the time, it’s not an accident. I had to go through great lengths to purposely meet Trista, who had been working at the fine dining restaurant called Golden Bay for eight months. She had got into the restaurant the same way: connections. Even with Trista as a connection, I had waited two months for somebody to quit before I could join the staff at Golden Bay. Just like all the wait staff working at the fine dining restaurant, I was also waiting for my big break in the entertainment industry. The strategy was so typical, but necessary. Within the first two weeks of working at Golden Bay, I had waited on directors, producers, and even starlets who never batted me an eye.

My whole perspective changed when Nathan appeared at the restaurant for lunch. He was the most famous actor I have seen and waited on up to date. He looked at me once or twice as I was serving him drinks and his meal, but I didn’t think he found me special. As Nathan left with his producer friend, I noticed that Nathan left me a five-hundred dollar tip on the bill. Furthermore, one of the bus boys came to me and handed me Nathan’s wallet that Nathan left on the table. I opened the wallet to see his driver’s license. Then, I looked through the rest of his wallet. There was a tiny note inside one of the slots that was meant for me as if Nathan knew that I was going to search his entire wallet. Apparently, Nathan wanted to see me outside of work.

I dated Nathan at his vacation home 20 miles away from where I worked. Although Nathan is a charming guy, I couldn’t help but feel insecure. Anyone who followed the tabloids would know that Nathan had a long-term relationship with another popular actress named Leslie. There were still articles in the magazines speculating that Nathan was trying to rekindle his relationship with Leslie. Although I was by Nathan’s side, I did not know what he was doing when he left me.


One time, I was watching Nathan’s television interview at home, but my excitement ended when I saw the way Nathan fidgeted during the interviewer’s unprompted questions about Leslie. Was he cheating on me? At the vacation home, my suspicions became more evident when I saw Nathan flipping through a magazine and staring extra-long at Leslie’s photo. I wanted everything to stop.

A few weeks later, Nathan took me on an outing to the beach where an extra-attentive photographer took our candid pictures. After the photos were published in a popular magazine, the news of our date exploded and Nathan was forced to acknowledge his relationship with me. I couldn’t be happier and relieved by the news if it meant pushing Leslie out of the spotlight. One thing led to another and Nathan eventually asked me to marry him. I was engaged and in bliss.

About two months later, while still half-asleep, I felt and heard Nathan get up in the middle of the night to go to his study room. I half-mumbled, asking him where he was going, but he didn’t answer. I assumed he would come back to bed in a short while, but he never appeared. Forcing myself out of bed, I looked around the house, but I did not find him. His car was still parked outside, but I was not sure where he went. Since his laptop screen was still on, I saw that he was checking his email, but I didn’t see anything unusual in his inbox. Naturally, I called Nathan on his cellphone, but he did not pick it up. Pacing around the house, I panicked and wondered where he could be.



A few more tries later, Nathan answered his phone and briefly told me that he went to meet his friends and will be right back. I still thought it was suspicious since he did not take his own car. Feeling worried, I stayed up through the night to wait for him. To pass the time, I logged myself into a social media website on Nathan’s laptop only to find freshly posted pictures of him and Leslie together. Nathan’s friend, the poster, probably didn’t realize that I was connected to him online too.

Nathan probably thought I was asleep when he came home, but I was fuming right in front of him as he entered, not from the front door, but from the side door. Every question I asked him seemed to be unanswered by him. He promptly denied that he cheated on me, but that is all he would say. After badgering him for a while, he told me in resignation that his friend really liked Leslie and asked Nathan for help. Earlier in the night, Nathan’s friend had picked him and Leslie up in his car for an impromptu party. I had no reason to believe Nathan, but I was confused. The next day, I waited for Nathan to make it up to me somehow, but he only gave me a quick phone call, telling me that he would be home really late. I was beyond mad.



Since I was thrust into the celebrity spotlight with the news of my relationship and engagement to Nathan, I was offered a lot of opportunities to make money including movie roles. At the same time, I did not forget about my friend Trista, who helped me secure a waitressing job in the first place. I recommended Trista to some industry friends and found out that Leslie needed a new stylist. With the right connections, Trista became Leslie’s stylist and good friend.

Months later, I was in the dressing room of a major film studio getting my make-up done. Nathan stormed into the room and I promptly excused my make-up artist for a while. Apparently, Leslie had lost director Keith Cavett’s backing and ended up blacklisted in the film industry. Keith Cavett is a renowned director who I had the pleasure of working with at that moment and Nathan accused me of ruining Leslie’s career and chances.

I sit silently as Nathan paced back and forth with more accusations. Nathan said that although Leslie had no previous scandals, I had used Leslie’s stylist, Trista, for revenge. Nathan asked me how I could use my own friend to get revenge on Leslie.



To me, Trista was not an angel, but someone to be reckoned with. It was true that Trista helped me secure the waitressing job, but nothing was for free. After I started dating Nathan, Trista constantly reminded me of how I was to pay her back. Eventually, when there was no progress, Trista warned me that she would air my dirty laundry to the tabloids if I didn’t secure her a job as a stylist with a celebrity. Luckily, I knew how to kill two birds with one stone.

By introducing Trista to Leslie, I could easily obtain more useful information on Leslie through Trista. What I didn’t anticipate was that Trista and Leslie’s friendship became better than I anticipated. Before Trista could push me out of her life, I casually found out Trista’s work schedule and secretly recorded Trista and Leslie’s questionable conversation about Director Cavett. I knew which dressing room they would be in and I planted a recording device there. Director Cavett only needed to know the good parts of the conversation and that was good enough for me.

I remained in my chair with perfectly heavy make-up on and looked at Nathan with a straight face. Even after Nathan’s accusations, I told Nathan that he would attend that night’s wrap party with me. As a bonus, we would also celebrate my next role in Director Cavett’s new film, a starring role that was originally written for Leslie. Nathan looked at me as if I was crazy. He lost his words for about a minute or two. After inhaling a few more time, Nathan quietly announced that he wanted a divorce.



As Nathan started to leave, I calmly told him that he was not leaving me. He looked at me one more time and I asked him if he was leaving me to be with Leslie. I watched as Nathan pressed his lips together. He told me that he didn’t know me anymore. As Nathan proceeded to leave again, I stood up to catch his arm. I told him that I was forced to do all this. Couldn’t he tell who I really was?

Nathan released his arm from my hand and looked at me with pain in his eyes. He told me that he was going to clear the misunderstanding with Leslie and apologize to her on my behalf. In a defeated voice, he informed me that Leslie had collapsed from exhaustion and ended up in a private hospital.Watching Nathan’s backside, I told him once again that he couldn’t leave me. Without turning around, Nathan asked me why. I told him that I was pregnant.

That night, Nathan and I smiled at the wrap party. I had told him that if he left me to go visit Leslie at the hospital, he would never see his child again. People may say that my meeting with Nathan was not a chance encounter, but who are they to say what really happened?

Makeup Aki Maekubo,
Hair Kiri Yoshiki using Oribe,
Model Anja Leuenberger @ Elite New York.
Creative direction & production Artistic cube inc.
Casting Jorge Morales



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