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Suddenly people are talking, smiling and laughing. What has happened? We have the ability to affect each other’s vibrations, and turn around the atmosphere of the place, by just being present.

She got out of the cab and stood on the sidewalk for a moment.
The cold winter air was making swirls of small smoke as she breathed, and she took a deep breath, inhaling deeply and exhaled through her mouth to make a small, billowing cloud of smoke as if she were smoking a cigarette. That was always a fun thing to do when it was cold outside.



Coming into the house, she could hear the music already playing, and the clink of glasses and drinks being passed around the room, all to encourage the guests to have a good time. She was arriving at the party in full swing. Those who have been working hard during the weekdays are grateful to be greeted by house parties of this kind, relaxed, entertaining, and above all, there was the companionship of others. It promised good wine, good food and good music. Don’t miss it; we need you here at the party, her friends had told her.



She turned around and glanced at the mirror at the entrance of the doorway. Sleek, pulled back hairstyle and perfect complexion. She steadied herself a bit and took a deep breath again, before walking into the main room of the party. The pulsing beat of the dance track hit her, and then she was enveloped in the noise and buzz of the people all around. Faces looked up and eyes glanced in her direction, some were familiar, while others were indistinguishable, but she smiled and nodded nonetheless.

There would be more smiling, and maybe even some laughing to come along as the night went on. She was quite a girl and always up for a laugh. And she did have quite the laugh, head thrown back and crimson lips apart, full of merriment. Her middle name was Katherine, so her nickname was Kat, and she was the life and soul of the party scene.



Kat was talking to everyone and being very sociable and chatty. She was being the life and soul of the party. That was what they always said anyways, “I love going out with Kat because she’s always the life and soul of the party. A night out with her is never boring!” and some would say “A party is never a party if you didn’t invite Kat along!”

People were usually drawn to Kat’s attractiveness, but that did not mean everyone was willing to admit it or was always inclined to like her. The attraction she exercised was something not everyone possessed or readily agreed with. In the far corner of the room, eyeing Kat from a distance were B and J. They were having a conversation about Kat.



“Why does everyone seem to like Kat and think of her as amazing?”
“You know, I think one of the reasons why everyone thinks she is so amazing is that she probably thinks so herself.”

“Oh, so you think by just being narcissistic is enough to make you beautiful and amazing?”

“Well, I guess you could probably say that it is an important element in creating a positive ‘mood’ of attractiveness around you.

If you perceive yourself as beautiful, you will become more aware of how others see you. You will probably try and make an effort on your hairstyles and clothes, which will bring out the best in you. Whether you are beautiful or not is determined by your demeanor, style and the atmosphere you create around you. I think the most important thing is whether you are able to create that illusion of a beautiful ‘your’ or not. Once you start being aware of other’s eyes on you, you then want to create positive moods that will further influence the people around you.”



“So are you saying that in trying to be attractive and influence others, you have to set your mind to become beautiful or think of yourself as beautiful?”

“I would certainly say someone who sees herself as beautiful looks after herself very well. And she takes her time to improve her appearance and dress herself. Then this passion of hers in turn creates that aura of beauty around her and attracts attention. “

“You certainly have made this conversation on Kat very deep. For me, beauty is only skin-deep because it doesn’t matter to me what you look like on the outside, it’s who you are on the inside. I think the ‘mood’ you exude comes from the personality within. By the way, have you even tried talking to Kat, yet?”

“Well, I did say hi to her as she came in. Does that count?”



She walks. She dances. She moves about. Her body rarely settles into a state of immobility and her voice and laugh can be heard just a note above all the noise and buzz of her surroundings. Freedom and full consciousness seem to be Kat’s full right and privilege. Those who come in contact with her are joking around more, smiling and laughing.



Someone comes up to Kat and tells her about what she overheard at the other side of the room. Kat smiles knowingly and brushes it off lightly. Is beauty and attractiveness only skin-deep? Kat knows it isn’t as easy as that. Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference. She’s the face that everyone rates, and she sure has to know what she’s talking about. And didn’t she just get talked about too? She turns around and strides toward the corner where B and J stand.



“Hello, I don’t believe we’ve talked yet. I’m Kat as I’m sure you two know. How are you both tonight?” Flashing them a big smile, she had instantly evoked a feeling of awe in B and J. Kat just knows how to bring out the best version of herself —and in turns she sets the mood for everyone present. This is something that no one is immune to — the subtlety of emotional contagion. Though we like to think we are aware of our emotions and even in control of them, those feelings can be affected, on a subconscious level, by those we come into contact with and maybe even total strangers. We humans may be irrational, but it’s no hard feat to influence us anyway.

Kat excused herself and walked out of the room into the hallway. She turned around and glanced at herself in the mirror again. You know you’re just the life and soul of the party, don’t you?



Hair Kiri Yoshiki using Oribe,
Makeup Aki Maekubo,
Model Isabella O. @Wilhelmina Models.
Creative direction & Production
Artistic cube inc.




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