The Kooks at Terminal 5

By On March 8, 2012 In Music

© The Kooks, London, 2011

March 7, 2012– Selling out the Chelsea venue Terminal 5, The Kooks played an energetic, spot on show, leaving the immense audience begging for more.  Opening with the crowd pleaser “Always Where I Need You to Be”, the Britpop-rock band played hit after hit, lead singer Luke Pritchard swooning the audience with his lively performance while guitarist Hugh Harris delivering strong rifts and solos.

Mid-show, Pritchard took the energy level down a bit, playing “Seaside” solo with his 4) You don’t know your terms. acoustic guitar under the spotlight.  The band ended the show with “Do You Wanna” and then proceeded to play a triple encore, which was explosive.  Unlike so many bands today, the Kooks were a true spectacle live and unedited.

Look for our feature on the Kooks in our upcoming print issue of The GROUND.

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