The GROUND Preview #11 – Alexandra Richards

By On January 7, 2013 In Editor's picks, Editorial Submissions, Model Cross-Over

@ Alexandra Richards, Photo by Ryan Yoon

You could say music and fashion were literally written into her DNA. She is the daughter of modeling pioneer Patti Hansen and legendary Rolling Stones’ guitarist Keith Richards, but Alexandra Richards is not taking this life for granted. Since she was 14 years The snag is that Mercury is in exile in sagittarius horoscope today and requires a constant adaptation effort. old, she”s worked hard to cultivate a reputation of her own in the fashion industry.

In the new issue of ‘The GROUND,’ we’ll get to know Alexandra beyond her modeling career. We get a glimpse into her work as a painter, installation artist, designer, and a DJ.  Alexandra confides with us about growing up rock and roll royalty and contemplates her plans for the future. Forget about your preconceptions of who Alexandra Richards is, and get to know the real her.

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The GROUND Issue #03

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