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Since the Disco era when the DJ came of age, the club scene became synonymous with tolerance and diversity. The whole point of discos was to create places where all people, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, or social background could get together and dance. Despite the anti-discrimination state of mind into which the modern nightlife was born, a double standard still exists when it comes to the identity of the DJ. Female DJs are undeniably rarer than male DJs and are often victims of stereotypes.

DJs have always been music librarians and curators specializing in a genre or two, educating crowds about their discoveries and what they consider to be great music. As DJs, their influence resides in delivering mixes that are both entertaining and instructive, full of undiscovered gems, coming together in a unique, live, spiritual narrative. Often, DJs become producers for themselves and sometimes for others, creating tracks that become the evolution of the music they have discovered.
Becoming ever more present on music charts, DJs and music producers are now stealing the spotlight; some of them are becoming as popular as pop stars with millions in record sales and sold-out arena shows while others enjoy a smaller, but devoted, international audience of underground electronic music adepts. With today’s means of media sharing and connectivity, international niches of specific musical genres have emerged where fans can support and encourage their beloved artists, allowing their artists to produce and perform freely in their own unique signature style.

The GROUND reached out to three, renowned female DJs that have witnessed and influenced the evolution of the independent and discreet DJ industry since the ’90s. They spoke about how they’ve gained respect as curators, and perhaps, even spiritual guides in this underground scene dominated by men.

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