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The GROUND Preview #01 - Nicola Formichetti - The GROUND Magazine

The GROUND Preview #01 – Nicola Formichetti

By On November 15, 2012 In Editor's picks, Editorial Submissions, Fashion, Popular

For our upcoming BALANCE issue, we spoke with Nicola Formichetti, a master of achieving balance in his work. Formichetti, a stylist / editor / designer, is currently the creative director at Mugler and set to launch his own brand in 2013. Known for his collaborations with fashion renegade Lady Gaga, as her stylist and as fashion director for her videos, Formichetti has a tendency for employing amplified, avant-garde elements with almost simplistic, strongly structural ones.

© Nicola Formichetti, photography by Nicholas Ong, 2012

In his work with women’s clothing, Formichetti carefully balances the feminine and masculine to create lines and forms that both exaggerate and complement the female form. He maintains a balance in being equally influenced by his Italian and Japanese heritages, spending time in each country while growing up and citing influences from the Western and Eastern hemispheres.

Preview by Emily Kirn

Coming soon..

The GROUND Issue #03

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