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One of the biggest challenges for The GROUND staff in creating content for every print issue and for the exhibition series, The GROUND Collective, is the search for the right balance: balancing between featuring established artists and up-and-coming artists, balancing between creating sophistica- tion and creating something still approachable, balancing between being creative and innovative, but is still understandable to the public.

As a result of the efforts of our balancing act, The GROUND is delighted to present the third issue with the theme, ”balance.”


With the theme of balance as our opening article, we feature Gregory Crewdson, one of the most respected photo artists of our time. He seeks the balance between dream and trauma. His unique approach toward his work gives us a chance to think about what is real and what is not real in our lives and makes us re-think the gap between what we see and what we do not see, what we feel, imagine or project.


In another article, Nicola Formichetti’s multi-talents and multi-cultural backgrounds set the definition of balance as a cultural and fashion trendset- ter. His dual heritage, half-Japanese and half-Italian, may have influenced him into creating a new method of construction by using the deconstructive way. When mentioning the star, Lady Gaga, Nicola boldly states, “Gaga says we say, ‘Fuck Fashion,’ because we love it so much that we want to destroy it, then recreate it.”


World-renowned architect, Santiago Calatrava’s ability to balance art and architecture matches one of The GROUND’s concepts, “crossover,” very well. Santiago considers architecture as an art form. He looks for a balance between improving and protecting and a balance between drawing (art) and architecture.


As a “crossover” feature, we also covered an accomplished, French-born model-turned-painter, Anh Duong who dares to show her private life through her paintings, telling our readers another story about balancing life. The featured story creates a link to the “Model Crossover” section as well.

Model Cross-Over




Additionally, The GROUND connects established and up-and-coming artists from different fields together with similar objectives and interests. We connect Nicola Formichetti to The Black Soft, a musical duo, who often designs sounds for Nicola’s and many other fashion designers’ fashion events. It is no wonder that The Black Soft’s musical input was part of The GROUND’s first curated exhibition, The GROUND Collective, at the Milk Gallery in September, 2012. We also analyzed Wassily Kandinsky’s work un- der the theme of “balance.” Ironically, one of The Black Soft’s songs is titled, “Eating Kandinsky’s.” Lastly, the connection among the contributors led to the fashion editorial, “Der Blaue Reiter.” The title also came from the name of the group that includes Wassily Kandinsky.

Wassily Kandinsky Article

Der Blaue Reiter


As you may know, The GROUND dedicates the first spread of the magazine toward a charitable cause. In the third issue of the magazine, The GROUND partnered up with UNICEF for the first spread. The GROUND also endeav- ors to increase the awareness of numerous charitable originations through our “Charity Tweet” section and by covering our contributors’ charitable activities and thoughts with contributors such as Victoria’s Secret model, Elsa Hosk, fashion designer, Prabal Gurung, and musician, Alexandra Richards.


As The GROUND grows, we are able to create more in-depth articles and interviews. We hope to influence our readers to think differently and to
feel more inspired after reading every print issue and experiencing other platforms including our bi-annual exhibition, The GROUND Collective, and our website, The GROUND Social.

As the editor-in-chief, on behalf of The GROUND magazine crew and contributors, I hope you enjoy the “balance” issue.







The GROUND issue #03 – BALANCE

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