The GROUND Issue 2 “Time and Space”


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Cover: Herbert List, “Spirit of Lycabettus I”, Magnum Photos

The GROUND Magazine is delighted to launch its second issue with the theme “Time.” As demonstrated successfully in our predecessor and first issue, VIRGINE Magazine, which received tremendous support and praises from industry icons, we continue to thrive in creative innovation. In our second issue, The GROUND Magazine is introducing multiplicity of voices that parallel with the theme “Time” through “Connect,” “Charity” and “Cross Over & Innovation.”


“VIRGINE to The GROUND,” issue 01 – VIRGINE & issue 02 – The GROUND

Connect. For whatever reasons, everything in the world is intertwined with both complexity and simplicity. Through Connect, we connected established artists and upcoming artists in different fields together with individuals with similar objectives and interests.

As our first article under the sub-theme, Connect, we feature photographer Robert Polidori – a photographer in search of ruins with lost time and for- gotten memories. Through his photography, Polidori harnesses traces and memories through space. Ralph Rucci is a fashion designer who cherishes time, memories and spirits that originate from that space. It is no wonder why Robert Polidori is one of his favorite photographers and they are certainly connected to each other through different fields of art.


We also feature upcoming designer Siki Im by connecting him with established designer Ralph Rucci as a fashion designer that also appreciates space and time. Additionally, with a unique background in architecture from Oxford University, Siki Im praises Tadao Ando as an inspiration during his interview. Tadao Ando, a world-famous architect, also emphasizes the importance of space and time.


Charity. The GROUND Magazine continues to focus on charity by keeping our promise to dedicate the first spread of the magazine towards charitable cause. In this issue, we partnered up with RED Campaign and we included a host of interviews and articles on other charitable organizations and events. We endeavor to increase awareness of numerous charitable organizations through Charity Tweet and other charity related interviews.

RED – AIDS campaign 

Cross-Over and Innovation. We call people who challenge, desire for and push new boundaries “innovators.” With an architectural background, designer Siki Im is an innovator by challenging himself in a different form of art and earning the respects of his peers. We also feature professionals “crossing-over” into different fields. “Model Cross Over” is about introduc- ing models stepping out from their comfort zone to apply their talents in different areas. For this issue, we feature jewelry designer, Linda Vojtova, as well as multi-talented photographer and painter, Dorothea Barth Jörgensen, charity activist, Kyleigh Kuhn and actress, Lydia Hearst.


Along with “Connect,” “Charity,” and “Cross Over & Innovations,” this issue features interesting and thought-provoking articles and editorials that align with the overall theme “Time.” History of Italian fashion, time themed fash- ion editorials and an interview with Magnum Photo, illustrating iconic and historical photographs of different eras, are exciting features.
As editor-in-chief, on behalf of all The GROUND Magazine crew and contributors, I hope our readers will have a chance to revisit the meaning of “Time.” Enjoy the issue.

The Video Clip of “DEUS EX MACHINA”

The GROUND is all set to create a new GROUND.



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