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What is life in New York City like? Is it a love/hate relationship between the tall, gleaming skyscrapers and crowded, smelly subway rides? We celebrate life within the creative capital of the States, and the variety of emotions, attitudes and stories that our very own Big Apple holds. We talked to some fresh faces about what life in the city is like for those possessing a creative mind, and a young, restless soul.



Like in any kind of relationship there’s always this love-hate tug of war going on within, and it’s no more different in this relationship with the city. Most have dreamed of New York all their lives, but deep down in their hearts, they’re all terrified. No one actually knows if they can make it or not. But it’s also the type of fear that, you could twist and turn into a fire, a fire that would burn and motivate you to go further; but it could also overwhelm you and makes you catch your breath, wishing you could go into a carefree, easy life somewhere else.


New York City is never short of adventures and new experiences, and there is always something for everyone. But the worst thing about it at the same time is, it’s also hard to save money while having adventures and new experience. You can always do what you want to do, but you also have to what you have to do to live your life in New York. The slight paradox of life in New York is that while you are gaining something new, you are also losing something that already belongs to you.


New York is a city that gathers creative talents in a way it is hard to imagine unless you live here, and you are surrounded by stories everyday. Those who move here, crave adventure with every inch of their soul. Everyone has their own motive for moving here, whether it is for love, money, or to escape mediocrity.



And by moving to New York, you are forced to become the best version of yourself, the version you were always meant to be. Something is
always driving you through this whole experience, whether it’s a dream or an idea, or something that stuck in your head once upon a time in the movies or in the magazines, that glittering skyline that will always be your guide. The city most definitely challenges your beliefs and if you succeed, you become way stronger, and the city is never short on challenges. It’s only as challenging as it is rewarding. It’s the type of place that won’t just give — it will expect more of you, it will ask that you earn.



The city has a body and a mind of it’s own—a physical structure as well as a repository of ideas and information. Knowledge and creativity are resources. The physical parts of the city are functional, you have the buildings, the transportation routes, and within them the flow of ideas, creativity and information are facilitated. The city is a fountain that never stops: it generates its energy from the human interactions that take place in it. We all come to New York for the possibility of interaction and inspiration. The sheer possibility of even the most serendipitous of encounters is what continues to seduce us.



A lot them have arrived from overseas, and are immediately struck by the multi-ethnic makeup of New York, the center of a cultural mash up. For the creative person, the city is simply brilliant and very inspirational. From street art to street music, dancing, and live concerts, there is a story on every square block. With that level of exposure to all these different art forms, everyone is constantly absorbing them into their own thoughts or ideas and making it work for them in their current projects.


Nobody wants to waste time on anything, and New York most definitely will not wait for you. Everyone here has been someone else before, sure, and everyone always wants something instantly, such as fast food, fast fashion, or a short-term relationship. But we all have wanted more from the city on way or another, that is why we moved here. But once you get close enough to really see, you realize that there is so much more to this city than what is sold on the big screen. There is the pain and struggle, and the dirty, grimy subway and the cold dreary winters. Like any true love, as our very own Taylor Swift says, it drives you crazy, but you know you wouldn’t change anything.


The city is constantly changing and it’s a study in contrasts. There is always a veil of mystery draped over the city, and you always feel that there are secrets hidden at every corner waiting to be discovered, and yet the buzz of the city often becomes so loud and in-your-face that you can’t hear yourself think. There are times where you can feel totally alone one minute and over-crowed the next. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed here and like you can’t compete. Then, just when you think you’ve had enough, something extraordinary happens and the city inspires and motivates you again, it’s in the little details and moments that make the city come to life.


In the end we asked the creative gang residing in the city of lights to sum up their New York experience in a word. Surreal. Sorrow. Hope. Choices. Dream. Fusion. Opportunities. Half the time, the gang can’t imagine living anywhere else: the museums, the restaurants, the festivals, the pure energy and sass and hustle. The other half of the time, you’re overwhelmed and underpaid: it’s expensive, it’s dirty, it’s not the most sustainable place to try and build a quality life.



Alas, the city is a maze most of the time, and life is a riddle that may never be solved. But the creative gang only wants to dance with somebody who they truly love. That’s the power of being young and creative. It certainly takes two, them and New York City, to make a dream come true. Within these bright lights and the bigger city, the creative gang all have their different hopes and fears, creating a different sound and beat. And when they come come together, it certainly becomes a tune that is unique to New York, and Taylor Swift stands no chance against them starting from now.

Styling Lisa Jarvis
Hair Katsumi Matsuo using
Bumble and Bumle / Redken,
Makeup Tadayoshi Honda,
Model Alexina Graham @ the society New York,
Creative direction & production Artistic Cube inc.


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