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RAD HOURANI: 5th anniversary tribute - The GROUND Magazine

RAD HOURANI: 5th anniversary tribute

By On May 16, 2012 In Editor's picks, Fashion

Fashion and style in any decade must transcend the world of fashion. Those responsible for creating style: artisans, artists, illustrators; poets, designers, often manifest outwardly their innermost expressions of creativity. This can often be a collective exercise coupled with the individual instinct and feedback from the designer’s environment, education, or culture phenomena. And for last 5 years, RAD HOURANI did transcend the world of fashion. For fashionistas and a group of insiders, Rad Hourani is an icon.

In fact, he does not want to be confined to the mere status as a fashion designer. He is a visual artist, in the sense that he designes clothes but he is also a photographer and is currently working on his first movie. His work reflects a unisex aesthetic based on openness, which refutes the notion of temporality, season, race, gender or religion. He does not want to comply with any limits, no yoke. He needs all of these mediums to try to translate his personality, his soul. He is rather a graphic artist, an architect, perhaps minimalist indeed, but a complex minimalism. His latest collection, for example, is fully reversible. So yes, the cuts are no frills, but there’s always in his approach to hidden elements that give the garment its entire subtle complexity.


Today, I am honored to pay tribute to one of my favorite fashion designers. When I was asked if I would be interested in paying tribute to Rad Hourani for the 5th anniversary of his brand, I just needed a second to say ‘yes’. Plus, it was a challenge to be the first to do it with a video. The idea was to show some pieces created by him in movement, and not just motionless like on photographs. The tribute needed to reflect all the ingredients of what compose the whole Rad Hourani concept: it needed a soul. It needed to be true. It needed all its authors to put all their authenticity into it. So regardless of any deficiencies in the tribute may be, I hope everyone will at least feel the honest admiration I and all the people who worked with me have for Rad Hourani. Happy birthday!

Directed by Jean du Sartel.
Music: “Wires” – The Neighbourhood.
Thank you’s: to Alina & Robin @ Creative Door for your support and help, to Jean pour tout, The Neighbourhood for your kind contribution, and to Ryan for always supporting me.

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