Michael Anthony Pegues, THE MEASURE OF AN ARTIST

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© Michael Anthony Pegues, FB Gallery

Michael Anthony Pegues, a fixture of the downtown art scene and true NY icon has finally found a home at FB Gallery to present his vision.

The Measure of an Artist is the culmination of Michael Anthony’s life-long dedication to his art. The show highlights the struggle, passion, and rise of a man fully aware of his unique aesthetic. His work displays child-like innocence coinciding with complex subject matter.

Since 1996 Michael Anthony has had his work consistently shown with an eye fixed on fame—his equivalent to credibility. However, this is the first large scale show to honor his vision rooted in the long New York tradition of the self-made, struggling artist. Never has he shared his story so unabashedly through not only painting, but also multimedia depictions of himself. His colorful and expressionistic strokes on canvas recount his resiliency through homelessness, theft, and ultimately his never ending hope and belief that he will be finally recognized as a true original.

An artist is not to be measured by wealth, reviews, or even aesthetic. In reality, an artist’s process cannot be measured… but a life on visual display can. Ranging from his graffiti tag Mazike, his royal alter-ego Prince Michael the First, to his sexual exploration through The Gingerbread Man; Michael Anthony’s work proves that regardless of name or circumstance, he has survived and he has arrived. And most importantly, he saw it coming.

“I have yet to actually tell anybody how amazing I am…this show is what I’ve been trying to tell you for a long time.” – Michael Anthony Pegues


Opening Wednesday May 16th @ the FB Gallery

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