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Kids These Days – Doo Wah

By On November 11, 2012 In Editor's picks, Editorial Submissions, Music


Remember when a group of teenagers from Chicago released one of the best songs of the year and collectively solidified themselves as strong contenders for the future title of “voice of our generation”? You should. It just happened.

Through the six minute adventure that is Doo Wah, the seven piece jazz/soul/hip-hop/funk/blues collective take you on a journey that fully capitalizes on all the potential they’ve shown over the last two years. It begins with a familiar piano riff from the Pixies classic Where Is My Mind and drifts into passionate vocals from Macie Stewart before showcasing a compelling storytelling-driven verse from emcee Vic Mensa over a funky piano beat. Then the horns section kicks in and you start to realize how versatile these guys are.

Emphasis on the “start to” part of that last sentence. After Nico Segal and J.P. Floyd finish doing their thing on trumpet and trombone, everything slows down and frontman Liam Cunningham takes over. At this point the song is half over and your mind is probably fully blown.

Kids These Days are the real deal. They prove that over and over again on their new album Traphouse Rock (named after the genre they invented). Throughout the Jeff Tweedy-produced project, the group show an ability to blend a ridiculous variety of influences into something new like I’ve never heard before. Every new band that shows up on the Internet promises crazy clashes of “ELVIS MEETS TUPAC MEETS THE MUPPETS MEETS THE SPANISH-SPEAKING UNCLE OF LADY GAGA” but Kids These Days are a rare example of that actually working. They’re able to take the unprecedented variety of influences our generation is exposed to and turn it into something new and interesting. The fact that they’re wise beyond their years and aren’t afraid to throw sensible bits of knowledge into their music is icing on the cake.

If I had to name one act that I’m the most excited to watch develop over the next decade or two, it’s Kids These Days. Not that they even need any more development. Traphouse Rock is one of the most complete, enjoyable releases of the year. Listen to Doo Wah below, stream the album at Rolling Stone, and download it for FREE (crazy) today at Noon over at kidsthesedaysband.com.

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