I Can Chase Dragons! – Expansion

By On May 30, 2012 In Editorial Submissions

I have insane dreams. They usually go down paths of ridiculousness that could be considered embarrassing. Or awesome. It probably depends on who you ask. Basically, I’ve had more dreams than I’m willing to admit that involve talking gnomes. I wonder what a psychologist would say about that. Anyway, whenever I hear the term “dream-pop” thrown around to describe music, my expectations get a little out of hand. Then I listen to the music and it usually turns out to be far less interesting than my actual dreams.

When I saw this term attached to an act crazy enough to name themselves I Can Chase Dragons!, I got kinda excited. With a name like that, I thought this might finally be the kind of dream-pop I had always hoped for. I pushed play.

It was. These songs would play perfectly as the soundtrack to my dreams. Half of them aren’t in English but somehow that really doesn’t matter. Listen to a couple of my favorites from the Expansion EP below, then head on over to their bandcamp to stream/download the rest.


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