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Glass Candy - The GROUND Magazine

Glass Candy

By On June 28, 2011 In Interview, Music, Print

Portland’s Organ

” I love clothes more than I love money, cars, sex or food.” – Ida No

Ida No and Johnny Jewel have successfully managed to kidnap both Debbie and Dirty Harry, transport them blindfolded in the back of a 1970 Buick Skylark, and dropped them off at a rustbelt roller rink in a forgotten lot off the New Jersey Turnpike where a dim and dusty disco ball spins in the center of the ceiling. It feels like Farah Fawcett fronting Siouxsie and the Banshees in a boiler room afterparty at the MGM Grand. Spooky. Late as hell. Best night of your life.

Glass Candy

Picture the discothèque in the years that separate Earth Wind and Fire’s Let’s Groove from the advent of the Macbook and one sees a fascinating shift in dress, demographics and delicatesse shall we say in terms of artistic delivery. Once a forum reserved for the untouchable, mantle piece artists to explore the outer-realms of their larger-than-life egos, Ida and Johnny of Glass Candy have stripped down this stigma to a mere bedazzled skeleton, immortalizing our Saturday nights before even thinking of merely crowning themselves as pop royalty. Exposing the glamour for all its gritty charm and just enough blue jean leather jacket to distract from all the sensual ooh-la-la; the celebrity, the success and cool of Glass Candy is anything but superficial and no more than an extension of their good nature and humble openness as real people.

It was in the third grade that Ida admits witnessing Blondie perform “Heart of Glass” on Solid Gold and knowing then that she wanted to pursue music. Ida growing up in Washington state and Johnny in Houston, it wasn’t until 1995 that the duo met while working at a grocery store in Portland, Oregon where Johnny and Ida began collaborating while Ida’s previous band was breaking up and Johnny making music privately on a four track with keyboards at home. From then on, Glass Candy has run very DIY. Ida confides having worked at the same Dairy Queen for eleven years and at the same grocery store with Johnny for ten. All styling and the occasional outfit are also self-crafted. “I love clothes. I love clothes more than I love money, cars, sex, or food,” says Ida. “We don’t have stylists. Our styling is a big part of our artistic expression. It’s just so much fun; we don’t want to give it to someone else.”

After following in the footsteps of Blondie, Ida cites Abba, Olivia Newton John and Diana Ross as other influences. “I love female singers, and I rarely listen to anything other than female singers.” These days Glass Candy are currently in the studio working on a new album, and “listening to a lot of Ariel Pink, all the albums. That’s all I’ve been listening to every day. One of the rare exceptions to my “female singers” rule.”

Glass Candy

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