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© Sophie Srej, theground magazine

In the middle of March this year after the fashion weeks, I finally got my well-deserved holiday and I traveled to South Africa- Cape Town. My boyfriend had already waited for me, I was very happy! It was like a dream, we had ocean view in the house, I heard the ocean, I smelled the ocean, it was sunny, warm and exciting! I had been to national parks, saw beautiful views, beautiful places, wonderful sunsets, great winetastings around the Cape Town vineyards, amazing food and I could continue! I saw always nice things but the truth is… ‘very surprising’ not everyone’s life is as blessed as my life. And there are people living in terrible conditions you cannot even imagine…but we see enough on TV and Internet so you might have a clue.

© Sophie Srej, theground magazine

I took these pictures in Cape Town’s township (or Favela in Rio for example) Guguletu. It’s the slum of Cape Town. 15 km (20 minutes) away from the city. People immediatly looked at me…I am blonde, tall with green eyes. I was with my boyfriend and one of his friends, a well known painter called Unathi, who lives there. Lots of famous south african raggae musicians are from here and many are promising, talented artists. It is clearly the poorest and ugliest part of Cape Town. Compared to Constantia, the rich neighborhood where all the amazing villas are built. The difference is HUGE! Factory workers, immigrants from other countries (Congo, Nigeria, Somalia and Zimbabwe), poor people from the middle of nowhere come to Guguletu to start new life, look for opportunities in the city…or make their businesses right in the middle of the slum. Hair salons are like this.

© Sophie Srej, theground magazine

On every corner you find a hair salon located in a container, yes…a container. People spend a lot of time on their hair there. These containers are all painted and showing from far away: Hairsalon! They are quite dirty, very small, but cheerful. If I think of the John Frieda hairsalon now in New York where I went yesterday and the Container Hairsalons in the slum, I’m amazed. And these people have quite a lot of options for hair for sure… not even Guido Palau could do those kinds of hair styles, not in his imagination. So these hairdressers are specialized in black hairstyles!  Salon owners looked at me with curious eyes whenever I took a picture. And I didnt even have a professional camera I have this little digital thing, like a tourist.

© Sophie Srej, theground Magazine

© Sophie Srej, theground magazine

This experience was pretty amazing. I can imagine people here really know how to enjoy the “Exclusive hair treatment” even though they don’t have a grandeur beautiful salon like one in New York city.

I was walking around small town with inspired eyes… little children playing with their games, dogs wandering around, chasing cars and barking, old ladies walking and talking…such a hot day it was. Inspiration for beauty everywhere wherever it is the most expensive hair salon in New York City or a dirty and small container hair salon in Cape Town.

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