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Christoffer Relander - The Multiple Vision - The GROUND Magazine

Christoffer Relander – The Multiple Vision

By On June 28, 2012 In Art, Editor's picks, Editorial Submissions

Finland-based photographer Christoffer Relander has been created multiple exposure images that have breathtaking backgrounds beautifully dodged out.

This self-taught photographer’s works deliver emotions from two different subjects, a person and nature. This is why his monochrome style is stationery but so narrative at the same time.

In recent interview with Huffington post, Christoffer reveals his photographic technics and admiration on traditional approach with digital devices.

He uses  digital Nikon D700 camera, taking multiple-exposed shots before editing them in iLightroom. He says, “No photoshop has been needed.”

Photography wasn’t the first artform Relander became passionate about. ”I started drawing when I was 11 years old, since then I’ve been doing at least something art-related. As an 18-year-old, I decided to take painting and drawing seriously, even though I was studying graphic design.”

It was during his time in the Finnish Navy that Relander became accustomed with the art of light and lenses. “I got a few photography assignments, because I was the closest they could get to a photographer. Photography became part of the last six months of my service, and opened my eyes to it.”

“After the Navy in late 2009 I bought my first SLR. I discovered that photography reminded me of painting, drawing and graphic design.”

You can see many more shots on his website and on The GROUND.

Christoffer Relander’s website

Source: Huffington Post



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