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Perfect is boring, as your imperfections are what make you truly different from others. And don’t all things amazing have a unique selling point? It is all those tiny little imperfections, like your teeth, your freckles that make you stand out.

It was perfect.

The perfect shape.

Rounded, smooth curves with the slightest of edges.
All those perfect colors.

The porcelain white skin that she had painstakingly concealed pore after pore, freckle after freckle. The deep rich wine colored lips that concealed her naturally pink lips underneath. The carefully shaped eyebrows, in which she had plucked and shaped until within an inch of their lives. Smoky eyes which were just the shade of midnight black, with a tint of icy gray silver, which she had pored over her fashion magazine directions for hours to get just right. Her lashes were primed and pumped and so full blown that they could hold several matches on their own.



There was almost nothing that needed to be improved upon. She looked perfect. And upon reassuring herself of that, she gladly and lovingly placed her hand mirror down. And confidently she stepped outside into the busy streets down below.
And then she realized in horror, how she looked like everyone else. They were all the same made up faces, in the latest fashions and makeup, with the latest hairstyles, gleaming, glowing and unidentifiable.



Imagine if we were all to become the perfect cookie cutter version of a human being. The perfectionist that resides within us more often that not pushes us to be better, thinner, smarter, and prettier. However, who made these rules and do these standards of “perfection” even actually exist?



I don’t know about you, but I can’t imagine how boring the world would become if everyone had the perfect face and perfect smile.



Instead of becoming the perfect being that everyone expects and wants to become, you should embrace your own imperfections that none can duplicate. And that in turn becomes your own signature style.



“Have no fear of perfection – you’ll never reach it.” is Salvador Dalí’s way of telling us that perfection doesn’t really exist. Striving for perfection usually comes at an expense. Your quest for perfection more often than not will make you miserable, and anything but perfect. Every time you feel that you are short of something or find imperfections with yourself you will beat yourself about it.



And why should we always be comparing ourselves to others? Why are there certain ‘standards’ or ‘norms’ for being perfection? The ideal of the perfect has been muddied by the ever-changing, liberalized attitudes of society that has embraced a new set of norms. We were all created unique and we should celebrate who we are, as well as the uniqueness of others.



We should be unafraid to look for something new. And though it may seem ironic, the one art form that is supposed to be all about the new, fashion in many ways is a fairly conservative field that moves, on the whole, slowly and incrementally. In many fashion magazines, you still see editorials and articles championing unattainable and even dated ideals of beauty. It almost seems as if the fashion industry is afraid that its audience might go into a completely different directions, and they are trying to dictate them and steer them in a set direction that will ensure their products be bought.



The products bought are almost always marketed to conceal or hide some sort of imperfections. To make you waist seem slimmer, to make your legs seem longer; to create the illusion of larger eyes, fuller lips. It is as is these natural imperfections are condemned to the role of the mistake, to the role of the things that have gone wrong and should be righted. Our imperfections do not exist as such, but only serves as a reminder of what should have been. It belongs to the same family of ‘error’ as the merely accidental or the grossly intolerable.



But just why should you be feeling guilty or bad for the things that just never were? We were all born into ourselves, one way or the other, and your identity is not in what you do or look like, but rather in who you are becoming. And now, with the explosion of social media and the Internet, the eye has suddenly changed. And as our eye changes, suddenly something will look right that looked ugly only a few months earlier. And of course a few months later it may turn all the tables and start looking ugly again! So you should now know better than to fall into that vicious cycle of feeling insecure about everything that you are and that you have.



Over the course of your life, you’re just going to accumulate many more other imperfections, such as scars. They tell the stories that you would otherwise forget and fail to learn from. The time you fell off your bike and now you’ll always wear a helmet. The time you fell of your skateboard or bike trying to perfect that cool technique, scarring your knee. These are the signs that you’ve lived a life full of adventure and risk and fulfillment.



Authenticity is a trait that is in short supply these days. So accept all that is imperfect and flawed. Because perfect is boring. And honestly, does it make any sense to keep fighting against what comes natural to you? As French writer Stendhal famously declared that “Beauty is the promise of happiness”. Though the idea of beauty is quite different from one person to another, as is our idea of happiness. Regardless, for good or bad, beauty is the promise of happiness —that is if we can accept ourselves with all our imperfections and the rest as beautiful, than will we have a chance at happiness.



Remember, messy is reality and perfectly polished has already been done before. Your imperfections are your unique style and only you can wear them best. Only by accepting and embracing your imperfections will you understand how perfect our world is after all. Our lives aren’t something that should be edited and photoshopped. Life shouldn’t be edited and cut away. The only way you’ll ever discover what it truly means to be alive and yourself is by sharing the full experience of what it means to be yourself and all the blemishes and freckles that come with it.


Hair Katsumi Matsuo
makeup Aki Maekubo,
Model Anja Cihoric @ Supreme Management,
Creative direction & production
Artistic Cube Inc.




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