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Inhale imagination, exhale possibility. Why settle for what is considered normal and acceptable, when there are endless possibilities awaiting you in that big, big world out there? When your imagination is in full-on mode, you could be anywhere, be anyone.


When you open your eyes, what do want to wear?

Whenever you see a model in a picture, it is almost like a window for the viewer – for any person – to be a part of that fantasy. It is them asking you, inviting you, to enter into a world of their own, whether it’s a dark and sinister mood or a beautiful fairytale. Fashion is definitely a form escapism – that’s what it is. But you need to turn on your imagination before you can escape anywhere. Your Dreams. Your Imagination — These are important elements when thinking about fashion and what to wear. They’re all in your dreams: every outfit is a fantasy. Not so much the clothes itself, but the idea and story behind each outfit are definitely a fantasy of some kind.




Story-telling is one of our most natural ways of using our imagination, whether it is through the stories found in books, films and TV shows, our own attempts at writing, or simply allowing ourselves to day-dream. Stories come in all these different shapes and forms, but they are something that all of humanity has in common. Fashion is also a form of storytelling we are most familiar with, our clothes woven together with our bodies to create new lives.

Through our clothes, we can experience a completely different lifestyle; daring adventures in khaki or safari wear, epic romances in long flowing gowns, journeys into the unknown with bizarre, futuristic styles. Think of all the people you could be meeting with your imagination? Why — acrobats, singers, knights in shining armor, kings, queens, princesses, princes, dolls, angels, fairy godmothers, astronauts — in fact, through these outfits and clothes, you could become anyone! We connect with our clothes in ways we may not expect, as even the most bizarre and unusual of styles and designs as come from the human mind.


As our favorite designer Alber Ebaz at Lanvin said “Fashion is not about buying a second skin. Fashion is about having a fantasy.” Happy exploring in this fantasy land of fashion!



Right here, right now, we’ve gone into a super-commercial moment. There has never been more fashion, but it has never been more bland. But there still lies a certain power in dressin up, the way garments tell a story, creates a character, and stirs up certain emotions is something that has always wowed me. I remember watching Pulp Fiction and thinking how uber-cool Uma Thurman looked in her skinny black capris, black heels, a white button down, black tank top and a short black bob. But it was really reading all those superhero comics as a kid, that made me deeply feel the power of an outfit. There is no greater metaphor for fashion as metamorphosis than the superhero. When you are in a superhero outfit, you are automatically assumed to be powerful and invincible. The power of fashion lies in its power to transform identity.


So I have decided to have fun re-imagining the lives of the people that I encounter all week. I am leaving their identity all up to my imagination, which is what fashion is all about. They may all be superheroes, top-secret spies, or undercover agents for all we know. When we get dressed, we’re essentially getting into costume, preparing to play a slightly different role every day.

It seems quite obvious that even the most casually dressed are trying to absorb and appreciate the transformative power of fashion—a force that is
impossible to deny. Years ago, I bought on a whim, a pair of leather trousers and over the knee leather boots. When I wore them, I not only felt different, but I also couldn’t help noticing that people treated me differently—with a new attention and respect, Cinderella, anyone?. And then I think I finally understood why people bankrupt themselves to buy clothes.


For many people in their daily lives, comfort is usually more important than formality and display, those chic ensemble and haute couture outfits represents the secret life, the dream in which we do become Cinderella and shed the concealing cocoon of the ordinary and the everyday to become the romantic, exotic, nocturnal butterfly that we truly are, if only in our own imagination. If we put on the outfit of our dreams, we can all become fashion superheros in our own right. It is just like David Bowie sings in < >,

“I, I will be king
And you, you will be queen
Though nothing, will drive them away We can beat them, just for one day We can be heroes, just for one day”



Did they tell you / You should grow up When you wanted / To dream
Did they warn you / Better shape up If you want to / succeed
I don’t know about you
Who are they talking to
They’re not talking to me – Metric < > lyrics

Are you still daring to dream? Are you are in love with anything at the moment? We hope to hear you say yes, yes of course. We want you to go out there and connect with everything.

Big changes in fashion have always come out of wanting to bring about drastic change and prove who you are in alternative ways – the swinging miniskirts of the 60s came from there being nothing for that age group, as it was always either young girls or grown women, and so the middle ground needed to fight the conventional to express themselves; Dior’s New Look of the 50s with lots of fabric was a backlash to post-war austerity where you felt guilty to wear anything more than practical. The 80s was a head-to-head of anti-establishment punks and power-dressing corporate fans. It is that spirit of rebelling against what was the ‘norm’ that always keeps fashion ahead of the crowd, and plays such an important in shaping the zeitgeist. It takes creativity to dress in a completely different way, as you always have to be challenging what surrounds you and the status quo in order to bring out something new.

What we are witnessing in the fashion world today is constantly blurring the lines between art, photography, and fashion, utilizing the newest technology. We have what it takes to explore the most mysterious of places where elaborate and fantastical dreams come to life. Imagination is the mother of creativity, and we want to encourage imagination in every way possible. And once, you have created your own world of fashion, you will find people who want to “join” your world and create something exciting and new. So start being creative and bring the rebellion on.

Styling Lisa Jarvis
Hair Katsumi Matsuo using Oribe,
Makeup Misha shahzada,
MODEL Maria D. @ Wilhelmina models.

Creative Direction & production
Artistic cube inc


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