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1. Whoever told that you have to accept your life as it is – was wrong.

2. Do you remember when you were a kid, you would have this whole universe in your room – all your toys had different characters, and there was endless possibilities to what they could all be and do. Maybe there were these other kids that would say they couldn’t wait to grow up and be able to do whatever they wanted, but I always wanted to stay in that world. It was so much fun to make things up, and that’s still what I try to do every day.

3. Did anyone ever tell you that it’s time you grow up, when all you wanted was to dream? But with every creative spark you get for an idea, doesn’t it always goes back to reminding you of playing with toys, and wouldn’t you stay young just a little bit longer and not stop dreaming? Dreaming is when you’re closest to your subconscious, too. I think that anything fascinating or interesting anyone creates probably comes from a spark in their subconscious.





4. You and me are just like flowers in the fields. Don’t we all just make a wonderful sight, when we are standing side by side with all our different dispositions? Together we make a beauty so far- reaching and all-inclusive. We are special and different, and just the same, too! Whenever you look at those beautiful smiles, from her cheeky freckles to his deep soulful eyes, it is the skin we live in that so beautifully holds the “you” who’s within. And for that we are thankful.

5. There are some people that you just can’t help but look at. Not necessarily because they’re beautiful, just because you see them, and you know, you just know, that they’re going be something special. You can just feel it when you’re in their presence. Maybe it is just them being honest. We tend to gravitate towards people who are boldly themselves. People are at their most interesting when they’re being honest.






6. Beauty is a kind of mystery. There are just so many forms of it, and it’s just so personal and arbitrary as well. I think beauty is something you can’t teach and learn, it is just something you are, and we are beautiful in each and everyway. Every person tells a different story. And each one of us is such a diverse book to read.

7. Fashion in many ways is almost like the theatre. On the runway, the colors of the light, the soundtrack, the way that models move, all these very small elements are what make the imagery and idea of what is being expressed through the clothes very clear. And it is through these clothes that we live and embody our ideas and characters, like how a character onstage develops its own persona through their costumes.

8. With so many alternatives being possible nowadays through our ever-evolving technology, fashion is emphasised more than ever as a pathway of self-discovery and identity construction. It is as Coco Chanel puts it so wonderfully: “Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, in the street; fashion has to do with ideas, the way we live, what is happening.” Anyone can look closer and differently at the settings and objects within the context of where they live in and form fashion narratives of their own.

9. Throughout the journey of wearing clothes for the larger part of my waking life, I have come to understand that clothing is an integral part of our lives. Fashion now, is more likely to act as a reflection of new ideals and values, which are connected to intimate creativity or the intuitive approach towards clothing we have developed through the daily experience of wearing clothes. Contemporary fashion is something that is more connected to the aspects of the inner being.




10. The artistic and the beautiful comes to my mind as something not concretely definable, yet incredibly powerful – something far greater than the sum of its parts. Fashion, for instance, is a combination of clothing – but these clothes can go on to opening up a whole other world of meaning. It is like a beautiful painting is beautiful because it goes way beyond the two dimensions of the canvas on which it is created. Art is a spiritual journey. It is not materialistic, or even rational. And neither should fashion be, either.

11. We can perceive that fashion has acquired a more philosophical position, which brings to our attention a new level of consciousness in wearing clothing, as well as in design. Therefore, the character of the new influence in fashion culture is something more refined, subtle, and intangible, and it embraces the memory of fashion’s past and is conscious about the present direction. The paradox of fashion is a present as ever as nothing is new yet there is always something different. And it is always in your power to be yourself and different.



12. Over the last few years of my life or so, it seems that I have come to terms more and more with the past, declaring a private truce with my own past failures and experiences. I have become more and more fascinated by a future that presents itself in terms of uncertainty, opportunity and the brilliant illumination of the chance encounter. In the place of probability, possibility with all its magic and meaning, it is the somewhat strange logic of fashion made up of all the randomness and fusion of apparently mutually exclusive images that has liberated me. Fashion is my flight of fancy.

13. We all secretly love anything that is eccentric. – Am I secretly right? Anything outside the ordinary is ‘extraordinary’. How many of our great advances are made by individuals with the courage to think differently from their peers? The difference between ordinary and extraordinary is that little extra.

14. The ones who stays mentally alert and physically capable a few extra minutes or hours or days than another person in my opinion is extraordinary. Thinking about some of the great artists, designers, scientists and even today’s professional sports players, that extra time and effort makes all the difference. These extraordinary people stand by what they believe in. Doing this once makes them a hero, but doing it for a lifetime makes them a legend. This brings to mind the saying: “Compete only with oneself and you can go beyond where there was no barriers. ”




15. When you look in a mirror, do you look for reassurance or revelation? Are you looking at yourself, or do you look for yourself? And when you think of all those other successful or famous people, you might say that they are larger than life. But think of it like this, how can they be larger than life? Life is large. We as individuals come complete with that one true note that we were destined to sing. Your job is not to be someone else. Your only job is to be as unlike them as you can be. Your only job on this planet is to be as you as you can be.

16. While it is not true that everyone is special, it is also true that everyone was once special and we still possess the ability to recover it. You succeed in becoming who you really are with the effort you put in life. As the fabulous jeweler Henry Winston said “People will stare, make it worth their while”. It is time we get busy being our truest selves, as everyone else is already occupied with being someone else.

Did you realize you are you? – A person of entirely different thoughts, experiences, oddities and eccentricities. Knowing that you will never be or feel more beautiful than when being yourself, even if that means believing that shade of pink hair suits you. Even if you sing Mariah Carey songs at the top of your lungs in the shower, or if you decide that you want to become an expert in astrology this very moment. That is who you are, even if it is just for today.


Hair Katsumi Matsuo Using ORIBE,
Makeup Manami Ishikawa,
Model Cris Herrmann @ Next Management NYC
Creative Direction & Production
Artistic Cube Inc.
Casting Jorge Morales




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