“How can we help you?”

“Get published with The GROUND Magazine.”

The GROUND understands your need and frustration as an artist and writer. You want exposure. We’d like to help.

From private gallery exhibitions and publications to your own private website, you’ve tried and you are still trying your best to get people interested in your work . It’s an overwhelming challenge and without a professional publicist, who costs money, you are left to your own devices in order to do the best you can.

The publishers of The GROUND Magazine created a social networking site, The GROUND Social, designed specifically for artists and writers of all backgrounds to publish their works and reach audience.

On our online platform, users can create a profile and upload their works to be viewed by our editors, contributors, industry-leading artists, and public users. The GROUND also promotes artists or writers’ work through social media for maximum exposure of the work.


User page example

Each submission will be considered for online publishing along with The GROUND Magazine’s original contents and subsequently will be considered for print in The GROUND Magazine’s upcoming print issue. Once users published online, users will be assigned a portfolio page for their published work, and once a user published more than six posts on the FRONT PAGE, users will be given a  junior web contributor title.

Publishing is just the beginning. The platform also creates an online environment for networking between artists of all genres. Users engage in discussions, comment on one another’s work, make recommendations, collaborate, and grow.

“Organize, showcase and define your artists.”

The GROUND is also an effective platform for businesses to promote their artists. From art galleries and talent agencies to music publishing companies, The GROUND provides online and offline exposure.

We thrive to create the only social networking environment where users benefit from their association with us. The GROUND aims to be the only fashion, art and music publication that is founded on online collaboration with our readers – join us on The GROUND level.

“Bring your creativity to The GROUND and be connected.”

The GROUND is an online platform where industry-leading artists and up-and-coming artists alike can directly interact with their audience via The GROUND Social. This online collaboration fuels the content showcased in the print magazine and coalesces to form a dynamic trendsetting network. Direct interaction allows The GROUND to present the final collaborative results through its bi-annual hard copy magazine and eventually The GROUND establishes itself as the leading interactive and trendsetting network.

The GROUND magazine is published annually.

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© The GROUND Magazine, 2016, The Women Book


© The GROUND Magazine, The GROUND Collective Exhibition at Milk Gallery


“I was greatly pleased with the interview that appeared in The GROUND. It was better and more thorough than those that have ap- peared in most professional art magazines.” – John Baldessari, (American conceptual artist)

“To put it mildly, we were blown away. This is the most compelling, most exciting magazine I’ve seen since the old Interview of 40 years ago.” – Ralph Rucci, (The most respected couture designer in America)

“We were delighted with this photograph and think it’s absolutely bril- liant.” – Jed A. Selkowitz, (Coca Cola Entertainment Marketing)

“I was very impressed with what your magazine is attempting. It is such a new and fresh approach to the market, and I believe it is one of the most creative magazines I’ve ever seen.” – Jon Omer, (Vice president of DeWitt watch)

“The GROUND is a real creative force in the industry.” – Rassi Mazdack, (Milk Studio Partner)

“The magazine is Beautiful and Brilliant” – Karen Prabasco, (Editorial director at Magnum photo)

“It is such a Beautiful Magazine.” – Azzedine Alaia, (The most respected couture designer in Paris)



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