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Every artist has their own point of view and how they decide to express that point of view is what makes an artist develop a recognizable visual style. Photography is like any art form, it’s creative and mostly competitive. Influence and being influential play a huge role in the process of creating memorable imagery.

© Camilla Åkrans

It takes more than just clicking the button of a camera to capture something with a different perspective. Camilla Åkrans is a masterful painter with her lens. She looks through the viewfinder to find a beautiful and emotional story behind the image she wants to create and translates it into a visually stimulating and tantalizing new world.

© Camilla Akrans

@ Camilla Akrans, Management+Artists

Åkrans created a signature to her photography very early on. Her contribution to the fashion photography industry is astounding. She has evolved as an artist, but that raw aesthetic from her early work is still present in her current work. Her influence is catching on and becoming apparent in the photography of so many up-and-coming and even industry-leading photographers. Artists need a source of inspiration to help achieve that visual story and when artists successfully express their point of view, other artists become influenced. To have such an influence on her contemporaries with a more avant-garde oriented photography career is a great achievement.

As competitive as the fashion photography industry is, Åkrans is high in demand, she has shot for fashion magazines like Vogue, Numero and Harper’s Bazaar and numerous fashion houses: Tommy Hilfiger, Missoni and Eres. The woman knows how to tell a story, with a very strong point of view and with the help of a very specific color palette that distinguishes her from other fashion photographers. Her use of lighting and shadows is reminiscent to film noir. This shows her knowledge of film and photography, which has helped her mould a distinctive photography career. Quickly, people are responding and catching on to this pastel and dreamy color palette. Muted pinks, blues and golds dominate her wildly diverse sea of photographs.

@ Camilla Akrans, Management+Artists


Her style of photography is far from naturalistic. She creates these fantasy worlds, where the women are powerful, sensual and dark. With a background in painting, she utilizes that creative thought process to capture imagery like a painter would: subject, content, composition, colors, lighting and perspective. Having an intention behind an image is such an important part of creating that impact. The women she photographs are hauntingly ethereal, but they’re not afraid to be ugly and scary. This is backed up with the choice of models, poses, styling and lighting. The models are usually in contorted poses that look bizarre, but so strong and alluring. Allure is a major essence to her photography.

@ Camilla Akrans, Management+Artists

@ Camilla Akrans, Management+Artists

She paints her pictures with a sense of dark romanticism and whimsy. She does not confine herself to studio photography. The outside world is her oyster. She has built a very diverse and visually stimulating portfolio by shooting outdoors and on location. Every shoot is different, but with the same sensibility and perspective. She is not afraid to experiment and explore fashion in an awkward light, but her photographic style remains so simplistic and effective.

@ Camilla Akrans, Management+Artists

Åkrans’ photography is art with a flair of drama and theatrics. Her photography is truly eye candy with a dark twist. Photographers are visual storytellers who know how to harness an image by creating that from their imagination. Åkrans has that sophisticated level of inspiration and creativity that will allow her to constantly develop stories and create imagery that is beautiful, influential and timeless.

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